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No fun No manufacture

We enjoy interesting works and aim to surprise the world through manufacturing.

We always set goals and seek desirable results through good manufacturing.

We aim to make manufacturing that constantly pursues works that can be thought of as artists.


1978Yuwa Industry Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. Keizo Suzuki, currently the chairman of Inagi, Tokyo, and Mr. Ryoji Yanagihara, former managing director.
1985Handle capstan shaft and micro motor shaft spherical blanks
1991The first centerless grinder was introduced to start mass production and sales of precision microshafts
1994Inagi City Daimaru No. 2 plant launched
1996Mass production and sales of outer diameter φ 0.6 × L dimension 2.45 shaft started for coin motor, achieving monthly production of 10 million
1999For bearings, OD φ 1.0 × L dimension 1.5 cross roller guide shaft
2001Started mass production and sales of φ0.4 micro shaft for vibration motor
2007Began commissioned production of laminated core for DC motor
2009Consolidate production plants in Daisen City, Akita City and carry out technology development and sales divisions while raising awareness of proprietary development projects even more
2010Began outsourcing manufacturing of various electronic components and electronic devices
2012Starts mass production, manufacture and sales of needle rollers for cam followers
2013Started mass production manufacturing and sales of cross roller and cylindrical roller for cross roller guide
2018Akita Prefecture invitation company certification, Akita second factory start up


Company name YUWA INDUSTRY Co., Ltd.
CEO Yuta Suzuki
Capital 3 million yen
Number of employees 15 people
Business item Small Diameter Cylindrical Rollers and Small Diameter Needle Shafts Sales and Manufacture
Head Office (in Tokyo)
2F 1212-1 Yanokuchi lnagi-shi Tokyo
206-0812 Japan
Phone: +81-42-377-3356
Fax: +81-42-378-3888

First factory (in Akita)
36-1 Takuchi Oomaki Daisen Akita
019-2331 Japan
Phone: +81-187-73-9005
Fax: +81-187-73-9004

Second factory (in Akita)
28-46 Takuchi Oomaki Daisen Akita
019-2331 Japan
Phone: +81-187-87-5622
Fax: +81-187-77-2605